Will's Friendly Bear! Customizable Avatar Base For VRChat 3.0

Toonworks VRChat Avatars
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💥 Avatar Dynamics update coming in early May! 💥
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This big, cuddly cartoon bear is a real softie! 🐻 And you can be them with this fully-featured VRChat avatar base!

Visit Will Mofield's Toony Avatars in-game and try this avatar base before you buy!

Custom versions of all my bases are available, 📝 fill out this query form if you are interested.

Special features

  • NEW! Updated for Unity 2019
  •  Substance Painter files
  • A complete Unity project, ready to upload*
  • Full body tracking ready
  • Pre-configured for lip sync and eye tracking
  • Sample textures for grizzly brown, polar white and jungle grey
  • Optional vest

What you get

  • An example Unity project for VRChat, with pre-configured Avatars 3.0 features*
  • Substance Painter files for advanced texture editing
  • Example textures used on the demo avatars
  • The rigged avatar model in FBX format, with lip sync shape keys (visemes)

*The Dynamic Bone package is required for full functionality in VRChat

Toonworks Avatar Bases License Agreement

Updated 29th May 2021

The included models, images, and other files (the "Avatar") are provided to you by Thomas Riggs (the "Creator") for any personal, non-commercial use. This includes modification of the Avatar's files, and uploading the Avatar to third-party services. All other rights are reserved by the Creator.

  • PC
  • Quest
  • PC✔️
  • Quest
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Will's Friendly Bear! Customizable Avatar Base For VRChat 3.0

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