Will's Old Skool Toon Roo! Customizable Avatar Base For VRChat 3.0

Toonworks VRChat Avatars
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💥 Avatar Dynamics update coming in early May! 💥
Follow the store page for updates 👀

Bring this classic cartoon star to life with this fully-featured VRChat avatar base!

Visit Will Mofield's Toony Avatars in-game and try this avatar base before you buy!

Custom versions of all my bases are available, 📝 fill out this query form if you are interested.

Special features

  • NEW! Updated for Unity 2019
  • Substance Painter files
  • A complete Unity project, ready to upload*
  • Full body tracking ready
  • Pre-configured for lip sync and eye tracking
  • Animatable eyebrows
  • Now in colour, too!

What you get

  • An example Unity project for VRChat, with pre-configured Avatars 3.0 features*
  • The rigged avatar model in FBX format, with lip sync shape keys (visemes)
  • Substance Painter files for advanced texture editing
  • Example textures used on the demo avatars

*The Dynamic Bone package is required for full functionality in VRChat:

Toonworks Avatar Bases License Agreement

Updated 29th May 2021

The included models, images, and other files (the "Avatar") are provided to you for any personal, non-commercial use. This includes modification of the Avatar's files, and uploading the Avatar to third-party services. All other rights are reserved by the Creator.

  • PC
  • Quest
    Coming soon!
  • PC✔️
  • QuestComing soon!
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Will's Old Skool Toon Roo! Customizable Avatar Base For VRChat 3.0

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